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Kimberly under the canopy

Tonight we shot an aspiring model, Kimberly; she has pretty red hair and a very pleasant disposition.  She just started modeling.  So new in fact that she has not even gotten any photos back from the “pros” who’ve shot her.  Maybe Jacci and I will be able to beat them by giving her photos before they do…

She put up with my rank amateur futzing with the camera and flashes (that’d be mostly why she’s smiling).  We were out for over an hour and a half.  It got dark despite the full moon so at the end Jacci had to hold a flashlight on Kimberly’s face for the camera to focus.

And after all that, she’s still game for more shooting with us – imagine that…

Here are two photos, pretty nearly straight out of the camera, because Jacci has not worked her magic on any of the images yet.

Kimberly on the board walk

Posted in Models and Portraits by david on July 14th, 2011 at 11:31 pm.

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