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On the town with Ann…

We had a fun late-night shoot in downtown Austin last night with Ann.  Here are a couple of minimally processed preview shots…  I was even able to edit the light stand leg and its shadow out of one without even asking Jacci for help…

I would have thought that would have been a big deal since I’d been avoiding learning to use CS5, but Jacci’s reaction was, “Oh, with B&W, you should really add grain.  It’d look so much better.”

So, I download the Kubota stuff she bought and installed it.  Go me.  I now have access to all of Jacci’s magic myself, but not the intelligence or skill to wield it well yet…  (Re-edited images are posted alongside the originals above.)


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Posted in Models and Portraits by david on July 17th, 2011 at 1:22 pm.

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