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Wrong location…

I made a mistake in the previous blog post and all descriptions of the late-night Austin shoot over the weekend…

I was describing to a friend where we had taken the photos and retraced our path using Google Maps.  I realized that we parked on Congress and walked around to the First Street bridge.  I’d been referring to the photos as “Ann on Congress Street bridge” when in fact it was “Ann on First Street bridge”.  Mea wrongo, mea wrongo, mea maxima wrongo.  No matter, though, it was still a fun shoot the whole time and where all we ended up.

I’ve looked over all the photos but still have some finishing to do.  Out of them all, this one is the best and my favorite of the bunch.  I’m surprised I snapped it, and I’m surprised at how well the Photoshopping on it went.  Maybe there is some hope for me after all…

Ann on FIRST STREET bridge



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Posted in Models and Portraits by david on July 20th, 2011 at 4:16 am.

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