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Houston? We have backdrop…

The glam cloth backdrop I ordered from Backdrop Outlet came yesterday, so we needed to test it out.  Along with the order, we got 4 colored gel caps for the slave strobes we have and some barn doors.

We used a 24×24″ softbox w/slave strobe inside, a geled slave strobe snooted for the background, and a bare flash (SB600 at 1/64 power) behind as a hair light (a bare slave strobe was too bright).  We invited a neighbor over to pose since he did not get official senior portraits this past year.

Here are some of the results with two different gel colors.  I like how the gel changes the look and feel of the backdrop with almost no effort.


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Posted in Portraits and Senior Portraits by david on August 4th, 2011 at 1:06 pm.

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