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Learning Low Key Portraits

I saw a beautiful portrait in a book and when I pointed it out to David, he set out to imitate the look. It was a low key portrait, and when I woke up this morning, I found the set up already prepared in our living room. So I prepped Andrew and Celine and we did a shoot. This is the set up:

  • Black background that surrounds the subject from 3 sides.
  • Softbox to the left of the subject (slightly frontal) with SB900 flash inside the softbox.
  • SB600 flash on a stool also to the back/left) of the subject (hairlight).
  • Softbox and hairlight remotely set to the same channel to flash together. (Control the power to each flash individually varying between 1/40 and 1/100 power.)
  • Subject wears black clothing that almost completely blends into the background (except what is highlit by the lights or the contrasting shirt worn under a suit jacket).
  • Female subject wears powder foundation and mascara (no other makeup). This shot will be processed in B&W and facial colors will appear as shadows. The powder foundation will help smooth the skin and make it more radiant and the mascara will enhance the eyelashes.
  • Process using Photoshop heal tool to remove major blemishes. (Andrew actually has an outbreak right now, several inflamed blemishes…Can you tell?) These shots were processed also with Kubota using the B&W action “Warm and Snappy”.

Have fun…let your own personality come to life 🙂

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Posted in Behind the Scenes and Portraits by jacci on August 26th, 2011 at 1:35 am.

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