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Home-made 5/8″-ish Spigots

Here’s a quick posting of how I avoided waiting for “real” 5/8″ spigots that I’d ordered from eBay or Amazon. I used these on the first incarnation of the Interfix softbox mounts I’d made.

To make these, I bought 5/6″-18 bolts, nuts and washers. In the photos, there are a mix of nylon lock nut and thinner-than-normal nuts I’d bought from Lowes. There was a name for those thinner nuts, but I no longer recall what that is. There is a mix because did not want to use lock washers, hence the nylon lock nut.

I chose the 5/16″ bolt because the heads and nuts did not require any grinding to fit inside normal 5/8″ lighting hardware. One could just as easily use 3/8″-16 hardware and make ends onto which 3/8″-16 threaded tripod accessories could be attached but that bolt head and nut size requires grinding the points off. The larger size hardware would fit the lightning accessories better and would certainly carry a larger load, but for my purposes (relatively light duty) the 5/16″ hardware will suffice.

The total cost of making spigots this way is well under $1 each, considerably less than the real thing.

Well, enough typing, on to the photos…

Here are three showing one such spigot I made. The nut spacing was adjusted by placing it near a “real” spigot. In actuality, though, just spacing is not all that critial and a solid column of nuts would work as well.

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Posted in diy by david on September 27th, 2011 at 2:03 am.


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  1. just wanted to comment and thank you for the awesome tuts! i wanted to post on the monster softbox page but comments were closed ?? 🙁
    Anyway thanks, keep up the great work, and ill be checking in often

  2. I just checked and comments on the monster softbox post are enabled.

    I just started this blog less than three months ago and am a noob to WordPress, so I am still learning. There was a short while when I had changed the appearance a little and disabled comments because I was paranoid over getting spam comments. I enabled approvals for comments and have been letting just the real ones go through. We get some spammy ones now and then, but the real ones are still like candy.

    Thanks for commenting.

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