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Telescoping boom example

I previously blogged on the making of a telescoping PVC boom but did not include a real world example of the assembly. Tonight, I finally dug out the mic boom I’d made to take some photos.

This first photo is of the telescoping boom mounted on the side of a tripod. I made the boom for two reasons: one was to hold the mic in position for doing some street side interviews and the other was to enforce the 3′ minimum focus distance of the Kodak Zi8 I was using (to keep the interviewee in focus).

On the business end in the upper left corner, there is a 3/4″ PVC coupler into which a 3/4″ plug is inserted. Mounted on that plug is a ball mounted cold shoe. This boom was used with a Rode VideoMic.

What has not been described to date are the home made clips that hold the boom to the tripod legs. Here are some close ups of the two clips.

The upper clip consists of two lengths of 1″ thin walled PVC about 2 inches long. A lengthwise piece about 3/8″ wide was cut out of each length with tin snips. The corners were snipped as well to round them somewhat. Two holes were drilled in each piece. A zip tie was knotted with a half hitch (simple knot) such that the head was as close to the outside of the clip. The other end was threaded through another clip and snugged up as tightly as possible. The knot allows the two clips to rotate relative to each other. The weight of the boom hanging will keep the clips from causing any rattle.

The lower clip was made in the same way, but half of it is a threaded/slip 1″ PVC coupling. The two holes were drilled in the slip section of the coupling so a mating coupling could be threaded into the fitting.

As can be seen, the bottom end of the boom has a 1″ male threaded end that threads into the clip. A threaded end was used because the boom threaded into a weighted PVC pipe base that is not described her (but may be in the near future).

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Posted in diy by david on October 15th, 2011 at 4:05 am.


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2 Replies

  1. Dude, you used a 3way panhead tripod (manfrotto by the look of it) for a Kodac Zi8?
    Talk about overkill!

  2. Actually, that’s not the particular tripod I used with the Zi8. I originally used my old Tiltall that I bought back around 1989 when I was in grad school. I used the heavy duty tripod because when I took the boom pole photos, I had not yet finished replacing the original Tiltall head with quick release ball head.

    In the photo is a Bogen 3051. I also picked up a Bogen 3068. I think I may be set for life as far as tripods go…

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