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Ecumenical portrait…

On Thanksgiving eve, there was an ecumenical prayer service at Santa Cruz in Buda, TX. Last year we took a group photo of the various local ministers, so we were asked to come again and do the same.

I didn’t recall exactly how we had it set up last year, but this year, I used two umbrellas above and on both sides of the camera. Right behind was a bare flash aimed away to a strip of wall to provide some additional diffuse light (or that was the hope). Here is the setup photo:

The result was:

I mentioned that I didn’t recall how I set up last year because I got a nasty, bright specular reflection off the window around the shadow of the woman 3rd from the right. I ended up having to paint in some dark blue from another pane (at about 11 o’clock from the bright area) to make the bright spot go away. You can still see some of that reflection on the lead between the panes.  At full size on the screen and printed on 8×10, it looks ok.

I was asked by a local reporter if I would provide a copy of the image to her.  I didn’t see it in the online edition of the Hays Free Press, but she sent me a link to her blog posting.

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Posted in Behind the Scenes and Portraits by david on November 30th, 2011 at 9:46 pm.

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