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An evening of portraits…

Well, not really…

We met this young woman four years ago when she was a freshman. It has been really neat watching her blossom. She heads off to college in the fall. It does not seem like that much time has passed…

We’ve been shooting her senior portraits piecemeal for a while now. Last night was probably the final installment. Stopping by last night with her mother, she pretty much just sat in the chair talking with our children while Jacci took the photos. Here are two of them:

I neglected to take any BTS/setup shots, but there were three lights: A 2 foot square soft box was about 3 feet in front of her on camera right. It had a homemade one-directional grid on it, consisting of 2 inch wide foam core strips running vertically, spaced about 2 inches apart, intended to reduce the spill horizontally but not vertically. The second was a reflector consisting of a 20×30 inch sheet of white foam core on camera left, just outside of the frame. The third light was a flash gridded with about an inch of Coroplast and set on a diagonal from the background about 4-5 feet away to create a splash of light on the background.

Jacci only took something like 24 shots, which included some I took while setting up the lights. I watched her while she was sorting through them afterwards when she kept going back and forth between them. I thought she did not like them so I asked her about it. No, instead she liked most of them and was having trouble picking a couple to post on Facebook. After posting, she further commented that she did very little post processing of them, fixing some facial blemishes and some skin softening. She did very little like with the last living room portrait shoot we did using the homemade unidirectional grid.

I thought I had made a blog posting about it, but it was apparently on our Facebook page instead. I’m reposting it here for comparison:

In this one, there were only two lights: the uni-gridded on camera left and a bare flash on the lower shelf of that table pointed up at the background.

The other difference in these two sets of photos were that I was using battery flashes instead of the fixed power 45 Watt-second slave bulbs we’ve typically used. I think less power in the soft box makes the contribution of light bouncing off the walls much less significant. The slave strobes require shooting at F10-F13 versus F5 with the battery flashes.



Posted in Portraits by david on May 8th, 2012 at 11:30 am.

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