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Sunday morning light tent…

This is was a draft post for the longest time.  Finally getting around to finishing and publishing it…

Jacci made a baby shower invitation for our daughter, Tricia using some stuffed animals and other items. Jacci also tried her hand at stop motion animation while taking the still photo for the invite. Here’s one of the photos she took in the series:


The movie can be seen here: elephant and monkey stop motion-desktop

It was early on a Sunday morning when Jacci started trying to set up the shot. She was having some difficulty in getting some white foam core to stand up and stay where she wanted it. I went out into the garage and rounded up some 1/2″ PVC and fittings from an old project. I cut the PVC pipe into 8 equal lengths.  Then using 8 90-degree elbows, the structure below was assembled.  [I’d recently seen a PVC box design like this somewhere, but owing to the long time sitting as a draft, I no longer remember where so I can’t give credit for it.]


A sheet of white foam core makes the white floor.  A piece of white Tyvek hangs from the top back and slopes down to meet the foam core floor makes the continuous white background. Translucent white material hangs down on the left and right sides and over the top. Two SB-600s were placed on the left and right sides and an SB-900 was suspended over the top of the cage.

All told, creating the box and taking the series of photos took no more than about 2.5 hours total.

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