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I shot another art show for an the online version of the reality. It also serves as an archive of all the artwork that’s been shown since the beginning.

One of the pieces in the most recent show was this neon piece that’s close to 5 feet  in width and height. Here is the final image I ended up with after doing three separate masking layers. It was the most challenging piece in this show.


The piece was assembled in place in a fairly well lit hallway (both with overhead fluorescents, not all of which can be shut off, and a long wall of full length windows facing east.

I wanted to bring out the copper of the supporting structure. Originally, I took an exposure for the blue on the wall (neon tubes behind the copper), another for the tubes themselves and then used a flash to bring out the copper. When I got home, I tried blending the three images but it just did not work because the copper did not look right since it was illuminated by the flash and not the neon tubes in front of it.

So, I ended up returning the next morning when they were hanging the rest of the artwork, since it was the easiest way to gain access to the building.

I built an enclosure around the piece with light stands and black sheets:


And looking into it from the camera’s point of view:


There was still more light than I would have liked leaking through the enclosure because I could not get a nice black wall beyond the reach of the blue illumination behind. There was just too much ambient from the overheads that could not be shut off and from the sun through the wall of windows.

I used a tripod to there would be no issue with getting the images to line up.

Here are the two raw exposures I used to make the composite. While the crops are different below, all the photos in the series I took were cropped as in the upper image below:



To make the composite, I took the neon tubes from the lower exposure and overlaid just them on the the upper one. Then I masked off the wall beyond the blue central area to get the image at the top of this post.

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