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The First Board…

Ok, so the blank boards show up. As it turns out, the footprint I chose for the optoisolator was too small for the parts I ordered, which I only discover when I place them next to the board. Doh! That’s what happens when you don’t have parts in hand and check them against a full scale print on paper of the board design…

Oh, well, it’s easily fixed. A search through Digikey turns up different optoisolators that should drop in place without bending anything and just shorting over one pin. Here is the finished first board with a mangled MOC3023 soldered down. It’s the biggest part on the little green board with 6 legs.


This modified 200B gave the light for this photo, bounded off the ceiling in the living room with a wireless Yongnuo RF-603 trigger. There seemed to be some extraneous fires of the strobe but I’m not sure if that’s from the wireless link or the rather long wires. I’ going to re-wire the board with shorter, more direct wires to avoid any coupling to any of the high voltage floating around on the main board. These won’t be usable by anyone, including me, if they don’t work reliably…

[UPDATE 3/23/2013: Something is wrong with the LH4 head I first used (I added sync wires to it…). The LH2 has been sitting for a while now and aside from a pop that occurred when moving the unenclosed 2.5mm jack to HH cable, it seems to be behaving as expected. I did re-arrange the wires a little to separate them from each other and to keep them away from the components on the board.]

Here are the other three boards built up waiting for the new optoisolator along with a blank board:


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Posted in diy by david on March 23rd, 2013 at 2:29 am.

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