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More Printed Circuit boards…

I became very excited after having received a Freescale smart car kit. Although I have yet to get the camera mounted and make it follow a line, I have been playing with the microcontroller board that came with it, and the online IDE/compiler tool chain for it.

So excited that I just had to build my own boards for it…

There are various boards out there for doing various photographic control functions but there are no one-does-nearly-all, kitchen-sin, Swiss army knife, hackable photo controllers to be had. The boards I made will be the test beds for prototyping the various functions I intend to include on a multipurpose photo control board. More on that later as things progress.

The device at the heart of these proto boards is the Freescale Kinetis KL25Z in the 64-pin QFP package. There is a header for a Nordic Semiconductor nRF224L01+ 2.4GHz data transceiver module that’s are commonly available on eBay. There’s also a header for a Nokia 5110 type LCD display and for programming. All the pins are brought out to a hole and a little general purpose prototype area. Total cost for ten boards measuring 50mm x 50mm was $15, where $5 of it was for shipping (the vendor was Seeed Studio, for those interested; they have extremely good prices…).

I received an email this morning that the boards have been shipped back to me. Now the excruciating wait for them to arrive…

Below are the schematic and layout.




Here are the Eagle and Gerber files: MiniKL25Z-64QFP

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Posted in diy and Specialties by david on September 25th, 2013 at 8:03 pm.

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