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New board for prototyping the functions of the Swiss Photoknife…

The boards from the previous post finally arrived.

Here’s a photo of the board with the KL25Z mounted along with a few passive components to make it work. The five wires on the left go over to a FRDM-KL25Z board, which supplies power and permits programming the device.


All the pins wiggle as they should, so now the various functions of the Swiss Photoknife can be tested before rolling them all up into a single kitchen sink board…


[UPDATE 10/22/2013] This board has been shared and can be ordered via OSH Park at a slightly higher cost than Seeed Studio.

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Posted in diy and Specialties by david on October 16th, 2013 at 4:24 pm.


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  1. Hi David,

    Thank you for the great blog and great information. I followed it awhile ago, but did not have a chance to try programing MK25Z until a week ago.
    I followed your instructions on how to program the MKL25Z QPF64 using FRDM-KL25Z board with mbed environment and could not make it to work. I cut the J11 connection and populated J6 (SWD). I’m using the ARM JTAG cable+connector connected to breakout board populated with the MKL25Z QPF64.

    The connections are as follows:
    PTA0 – KL25_SWD_CLK – SWD pin 4
    PTA3 – SWD_DIO_TGTMCU – SWD pin 2
    PTA20 – RST_TGTMCU – SWD pin 10 ( I’ve also tried 10K to VDD, both connection of the reset (from board and from with MCU) 1uF capacitor to ground, as you show)
    VDD and GND as you connected in the schematics and board layout.

    My VDD shows 2.9V, so I also tried connecting Arduino 3.3V to force VDD and GND. which pushed VDD to 3.3V

    I can program the board with blinking external LED using PTE29 pin, so trying to push the same program out to the MKL25Z QPF64, without success. The reset pin from the board goes from 3.3 to GND, but from the MKL25Z QPF64 the reset pin is 2.3V high and 0.78V low. I’m not sure if that is an issue. Anyway I rewired this circuit five times and beforehand. Also, I tried the MK46Z with out success which made me to move to MK25Z as I have this board too. When I try to program the MKL25Z QPF64, the board green LED blink once and then stop for few seconds then the mbed renew its connection. I guess I’m missing something. might be small thing but I cannot make the MKL25Z QPF64 blink the LED as the board does.

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. I guess the breakout board link does not work

    Here is the link

  3. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I have not checked this blog in quite a while and I didn’t get an email notifying me that there was a comment.

    It has also been quite a while since I’ve touched or thought about this particular board I made.

    That said, there are 5 connections to J6. Did you connect over both GND and +3.3V from the Freedom board?

    I do have a handful of these boards left over that I will likely never use. If you’d like me to drop a couple in the mail to you, I’d be happy to do that for the cost of shipping. Just reply here; I’ve turned on email notifications.

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