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Laying the foundation for a Photo Booth…

The latest project I’be been working on is a powered photo booth, powered by Linux running on an embedded ARM processor. More on that and that later…

I bought two 19″ TVs for the purpose, one for inside the booth and one for outside. The outside one is to present a running slide show of all the photo taken at the venue, along with some prompts to grab a prop and pose for one.

For that purpose, I bought an HDMI stick powered by a Freescale i.MX6Q quad-core ARM processor, the Zealz GK802. It ships with a recent version of Android that’s loaded on an internal microSD card. Not being much of a programmer in general or Android in specific, I found some instructions on the net for loading the stick with other flavors of Linux. Since I had already cloned an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS system I put together on a Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre SD board, I loaded that onto the stick following the multi-boot directions here.

Success! The stick booted and since it was a cloned system, all the remote access components I added  and configured worked straight away. It won’t need a mouse or a keyboard attached because everything can be remotely controlled through the network. It will just run the slide show endlessly using eog (Eye of Gnome), unless a better randomized, looping slide show application can be found.

The image files will be added into the stick remotely as they’re taken. Current plans are to attach a QR code to each image so that those posing can immediately find and download the images to their smart phone. Dispense with the printer and deliver the tiled up and original images through a local wireless network. I’ve not seen any other photo booth vendors or software that offer that.

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Posted in diy and Specialties by david on January 3rd, 2014 at 2:10 am.

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