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Pseudo-Neon Signs with EL Wire

Here’s a quick DIY for making pseudo-neon signs with EL wire.

This sign was to accompany the photo booth that I’ve been developing. I wanted to give it a vintage feel, so I thought a pseudo-neon sign was the way to go. Here’s the end result:



The sign measures 10 inches wide by 30 wide, cut from a single sheet of 20×30 foam core.

On the front side, the letters were blocked out. A pen was used to punch holes through which the EL wire was threaded. A needle and thread was used to tack the EL wire in place so the letters would keep their shape. A single 9 foot long orange EL wire was used for this sign with about a foot and half left over. After the threading and tacking was complete, black paper tape was used to tape the other half of the foam core on the back side to hide the EL wire on that side.





The sign was mounted by taping a 5/8 diameter aluminum rod to the edge of the sign and inserting the rod into a super clamp. The battery pack should have been on the same side as the rod, though, so it the pack could be strain reliefed.

This is just a single color sign, but multiple colors can be used like with real neon signs…

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Posted in diy by david on May 13th, 2014 at 4:03 am.

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