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HCPB ButtonBox v.2…

Happy Camper Photo Booth (the HCPB in the title…) is the name under which the photo booth is operating.

Originally, a Freescale FRDM-KL25Z board was used for user input. It  read the status of 2″ arcade buttons and sent button pushes as key strokes to the host computer as a USB keyboard. The arcade button lights were on except when the buttons were pushed. There was no easy way to make the host computer turn the LEDs on or off.

Now, there is a version 2 of the button box. It is based on the Teensy3.1 programmed using the Arduino code suite as a USB serial/keyboard/mouse/game controller device. As with the old button box, there is a breakout board to connected it into the photo booth. It  reads the status of the arcade buttons and reports those as keyboard key strokes. Additionally, the USB serial device receives characters from the host computer and turns on the LEDs within the arcade buttons. Additionally, it can turn on and off the inverter for some EL wire wound in a ring that goes around the lens (so people can see where to look) as well as the remote control for a video camera.

The breakout board schematic and layout are below. The board sent off for fab at OSH Park and a better view of the board layout can be see there. Extra FETs were added for later expansion, if additional features are thought up.


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