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This is the story of a man named David, who met and married the very lovely lady, Jacci.  Between the two of them, the have six children.  They were both previously widowed, having three biologicals each.  It’s kind of like the Brady bunch but the kids are the wrong gender mix, only three of the kids still live at home, they don’t live in California, they have two dogs and a bird, and there is no live-in maid.

Their first DSLR (Nikon D50 and kit 18-55mm lens) was purchased about 6 years ago. Tricia was in gymnastics. In the gyms they don’t allow the use of flash photography so point and shoot cameras which wait an arbitrary amount of time after pressing the shutter to actually take the photo are kind of useless.  The kit lens was not good enough at meets so the purchase of a very beat up Nikon 80-200mm/f2.8 was required.  Today, they currently have 4 bodies and at least 10 lenses, with an eclectic assortment of lighting gear, various stands, and other DIY equipment and accessories.

What started with Tricia running and bouncing in a dim gym moved on to shooting First Communions and Confirmations en masse.  Now, they’ve decided to hang up a shingle and make themselves available to capture memories for any who will bestow that privilege and trust on them.

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Portrait Photographers – San Marcos, TX

Portrait Photographers, San Marcos, TX

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