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Matt Maher / One Sonic Society / Sons and Daughters

Every once in a while, the opportunity presents itself to shoot a concert. Last night was just such an occasion. Matt Maher played at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX with One Sonic Society and Sons & Daughters. Between the two of us, we took about 500 shots. So for the next few days, I’ll be selecting the best of the images and processing them. Once the processing is done, we’ll have a gallery up in our events gallery. Until then, I thought I’d share a handful of the shots. And just because B&W moves me, I’m presenting these initial shots in my favorite processing, B&W.

Matt is a pretty unique performer. His character shines on stage… and the funny thing is… that shining character is humility. Did you know that humility could shine? Well, not only does it shine, but in today’s culture of self, it shines so much brighter than pride. He knows that people (especially teenagers) pay their money for his concert tickets. And when he gets on stage, he says so little about Matt Maher and so much about God. He deflects the attention off himself and back on each person in his audience and their relationship with the God that made their soul. It’s all over his stage presence in the way he projects all of his lyrics on a screen (Matt doesn’t sing alone) and the way he doesn’t really have an “opening band”. All three bands appeared on stage together.

Okay, I have to admit… you caught me. I’m pretty partial to Matt Maher above just about any other musician. I don’t really know him personally. But I had the privilege of sharing a parish family with him from 1997-2004 in Mesa, Arizona. I saw his humility shine even then when he lead the teens of the parish in praise and worship music and at the end of the night, emptied the garbage, put chairs away and simply served. Matt, you are 10 years my junior and still, when I grow up, “I want to be holy just like you”.

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